H.A. Najafi, M.D., F.A.C.S.
I truly care for my patients which
sets me apart from most.  I treat my
Patients like family and what is
in their best interest only.  I only do
one major case a day, so each
patient will get the best care and
attention possible.   My Patients are
never rushed or have “tired”
surgeon performing their surgery.  I
trust that I will give each patient
their most optimal result, and
satisfy their needs to make only the
most happy and satisfied patients!”
Our ultimate goal for our practice is to satisfy the most discerning
individual. This is achieved by our gifted surgeon who aesthetic
sense and imaging skills are those of a true artist. Dr. Najafi’s board
certification and complete training in plastic surgery makes him a
superior cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon uniquely qualified to
offer you a full spectrum of cosmetic surgical procedures. Our patient
base primarily comes from physician referrals and former patients
who continue to recommend their associates and friends to our
practice. We would like to add you as one of our valued patients, and
help you discover the best possible surgery for you.

Our Practice focuses on providing personalized attention to each
patient, on a one on one basis with Dr. Najafi. The initial patient visit
requires 30 to 60 minutes, to allow for a complete and focused
discussion on each patients prospective procedure. Dr. Najafi will
discuss the patient’s specific concerns and offer both surgical and
non-surgical advice. Each patient will leave our office with a better
understanding of their prospective procedure, enabling them to make
a positive decision regarding surgery.

Our state-of-the art computerized cosmetic imaging allows you to
capture the desired look before the actual surgery. This along with
Dr. Najafi’s through consultation will ensure the best possible
surgical plan.

Our modern and fully equipped facility with an outstanding and caring
staff is located in Rancho Palos Verdes. We do offer consultation
visits with Dr. Najafi in our satellite offices; call for specific times,
dates and nearest location.